Leonie Gores
Creative Explorer
Graphic Designer
Abadi & Janssen
year: 2015
medium: poster
size: 1189 x 841
During the time that a lot of refugees
were coming to Europe and so the
Netherlands a lot of people were
using the term “ gelukszoekers ”. They
used this term as an argument against
the come of the refugees looking for
a safer place than the warzone they
came from. Gelukszoekers means
searchers for luck, a description
that hopefully fits all of us;
I think every human being is
looking for luck and happiness in life.
This is why I get so frustrated by
the fact that people really use
this term to be against a group of
people. How is it possible that
a group of people feels so
superior that they think luck is
a property only they can own in a
certain region Plus how do people
dare to judge about a situation
they do not really know a lot
of. The discussion about refugees
needs a lot more nuance and
and I think luck can‚t be
seen as a property.